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  • Welcome to Dog Boss Dog Training!

    Welcome to Dog Boss Dog Training!

    A Well Trained Dog Gives You More Freedom!

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Common Canine Conundrums

Dog Boss Dog Training in Chelmsford Massachusetts is a family & veteran owned and operated business. Since 2013, Dog Boss has been providing dog training to northern Massachusetts and Southern NH.

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Does your dog take you for a walk down the street? Our Basic Dog Training program can help!


Is your dog jumping on guests and family as they come through the door? Our training can put a stop to that.


Is your dog constantly begging for food or under your feet while your cooking?
Leash Reactivity

Leash Reactivity

Is your dog lunging and barking at other dogs, cars or people when out on a walk?
Dog Training ProgramsDog Training Programs

Dog Training Programs

Our training levels are designed to give you the level of freedom you want with your dog.

Our dog training is custom tailored to each dog and their owner's needs and lifestyle. We educate the dog as well as the owner in order for them to have the most knowledge possible to help face the situations that arise throughout your dog's life and time with you. Our goal is to make your life as enjoyable with your dog as possible and help you unleash your dog's true potential.

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  • Well-Mannered Dog

    The package also includes working around people, kids, and dogs in public, properly greeting humans, and behaving with environmental distractions, all while at home and in public while on a leash.

  • Amazing Canine

    After learning all commands and behaviors on the leash your dog will become fully reliable off-leash with an e-collar, all the commands are trained under distraction in many different environments.

  • Dream Dog

    You will have full off-leash control of your dog, flawless leash behavior with heeling and loose leash walking, first-time recall, sit, down, and stay with place command in all, under any distraction.

  • Board & Train Programs

    In this program, your dog will begin their journey to becoming a well-trained member of a doggy society.


  • „Dan is clear, patient and above all else he cares for and loves dogs. Working with Dan meant finding a coach and a partner. It was one of the best investments we have ever made. We are very grateful.“
  • „Dan is extremely knowledgeable in dog behavior. He was very helpful in dealing with our dog Henry’s resource guarding. He explained the behavior and how to handle it in a way that made sense.“
  • „Dan the Dog Boss could easily be renamed to Dan the Magnificent Dog Boss or Dan the Great Dog Boss. Let me tell you about my experience...“