Dog Training Programs

Well-Mannered Dog

The Well-mannered package is focused on creating a well-behaved dog when at home and out in public on a leash. We work on developing an exceptionally reliable, on leash recall command, full implementation of heeling with on-leash walking manners and place command.

The package also includes working around people, kids, and dogs in public, properly greeting humans, and behaving with environmental distractions, all while at home and in public while on a leash.

Unleashed Packages

Amazing Canine


The Amazing dog package includes all commands from the Well-Mannered Dog package but is then taken a step further to off-leash capabilities when at home or in public. After learning all commands and behaviors on the leash your dog will become fully reliable off-leash with an e-collar, all the commands are trained under distraction in many different environments. Also includes
socializing with other dogs and proper human interaction.

Dream Dog


Our Dream Dog Package has everything from the packages above, but we take it to a whole other level. You will have full off-leash control of your dog, flawless leash behavior with heeling and loose leash walking, first-time recall, sit, down, and stay with place command in all, under any distraction. Giving you the ability to take your dog with you virtually anywhere. At the end of this program, your dog will be the talk of your neighborhood.


– (This includes 12 Free Follow Up, plus three free vacation boarding)

Board & Train Packages

Board and Train programs are designed for your dog to come and train with us at our home. During this stay they will live as a member of our pack being integrated into our daily life, living in our home environment.

Through daily routines and pack structure development, your dog will learn how to thrive as a productive member of a pack while learning how to follow, rather than lead. Once they have completed their stay with us there is a series of follow-up lessons with you and your dog to practice and perfect the skills they learned while staying with us.

Canine Jump Start


In this program, your dog will begin their journey to becoming a well-trained member of a doggy society. After completing this program your dog will be proficient in on-leash obedience, social manners, and
home manners. We expose your dog to a variety of training environments to make the skills they are learning are fully functional at home as well as in the real world.

Once your dog has completed the Canine Jump Start program there is a series of Five follow up lessons with you and your dog to be taught the skills your dog has learned and improve upon these skills

Canine Camp Out


In this in-depth program, your dog will not only master their on-leash obedience and skills but will become proficient in off-leash obedience. While living with us, your dog will be exposed to a variety of environments to ensure obedience and responsiveness in any environment, under any distraction. This control will then be transferred to you, through a series of follow-up lessons at your home with you and your dog after they have completed the program.

This package includes all basic obedience commands, on a leash and off-leash obedience, appropriate in-home behaviors, appropriate behaviors in publics, and travel manners.