Dog Trainers of Massachusetts

Dream Dog

dream dogsThe Dream Dog Package is our top tier training package for the dog owner who takes dog ownership seriously. Owning a dog is not just a hobby, for you it is a true partnership. Where you go, your dog goes. Dog training is a must when your dog is seen as a true reflection of you and your ownership. Your dog must be comfortable in all environments and people at all times. This takes time and patients but also strong leadership skills with clear communication. This package offers the most in dog education for both the dog and owner. We will train your dog in every type of environment you will encounter in your day-to-day life according to your lifestyle. This is the most customizable program offered.

You and your dog will achieve full off-leash control, flawless leash behavior with masterful heeling and loose leash walking, first-time recall, sit, down, and stay with place command in all, under any distraction. This will give you the ability to take your dog with you virtually anywhere.

Dream Dog program includes:

(All Well Mannered & Amazing Dog Skills)

  • Sit, Down, Leave it
  • Walking Manners, House Manners
  • Walking in Heel, Developing recall command, Place Command
  • Proper behavior in public around dogs and people
  • Working with heavy environmental distraction levels
  • Off Leash Recall
  • Trail Hiking/Bike Path
  • Yard Boundaries
  • Training under the highest distraction levels possible
  • Eating Outside at Restaurants
  • Going to the Lake
  • Visiting Public Venues