Dog Trainers of Massachusetts

Well-Mannered Dog

well mannered dogsThe Well-mannered program is our on-leash program, focused on creating a well-behaved dog whether at home and out in public. We work on training and developing all of the basic commands canine commands from sit through place command. Your dog will learn how to walk on a loose leash whether you are in your yard, out for a walk or at the local park. You and your dog will learn how to take meaningful structured walks that teach your dog the appropriate manners when out on a walk in public.

This Program includes working around people, children, and other dogs while out in public with moderate distraction. You and your dog will also learn how to properly greet and interact with humans and dogs at your home, in your neighborhood, and in public.

On leash obedience program includes:

  • Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Place, Leave it
  • Loose Leash Walking & Leash Manners
  • House Manners: Door Boundaries, Being Calm with Guests
  • Proper socialization skills with dogs and people
  • Working all commands with moderate distraction levels