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We reached out to Dan when expecting our first child, knowing we had a serious problem to fix. Malcolm is a loveable german shorthaired pointer who once ran our household. We spent so much time and energy managing Malcolm when guests came over or when we went places. Dan taught us how to provide structure and clarity so Malcolm knew how to behave and how to work within the family structure. We had to do the homework but with consistent practice of each lesson Dan taught us, we created a new way for us all to operate.

Now, Malcolm is so much happier because he knows what to do and when to do it. Malcolm greets guests with manners, he is peaceful and calm at home, he stays close during hikes and has a strong recall. He will even ignore other hikers and dogs when we ask him to. He looks to us for direction.

Dan is clear, patient and above all else he cares for and loves dogs. Working with Dan meant finding a coach and a partner. It was one of the best investments we have ever made. We are very grateful.
Posted By: Jevan Jammal
Dog's Name: Malcolm, Concord, MA
Dan is extremely knowledgeable in dog behavior. He was very helpful in dealing with our dog Henry’s resource guarding. He explained the behavior and how to handle it in a way that made sense. Over a few sessions, we saw a big change in Henry. We have a much better relationship with our dog now. We are more confident and I think Henry is a happier dog. Dan has been a pleasure to work with.
Posted By: Paul and Sheila Coleman
Dog's Name: Henry
Dan the Dog Boss could easily be renamed to Dan the Magnificent Dog Boss or Dan the Great Dog Boss. Well, we all know actions speak louder than words, so let me tell you about my experience. It began, about 6 months ago, when my wife and I rescued a mixed breed, mainly cattle dog and part beagle. The dog had been spending the last year or so in the basement of her owner’s cellar because they had run out of time and patience to care for her. Her name is Daisy and she has plenty of energy and seemed friendly to all. It did not appear that she had any training, just a tremendous amount of energy. We got her home and she immediately began enjoying her ¼ acre fenced in yard. Next, I tried to take her for a walk with a regular collar and a six foot leash. Getting the collar on was the 1st challenge, the walk was worse; she pulled me over and dragged me a short distance down the road. This was only the beginning of our challenges. She not only could not walk on a leash but she also continuously barked, pulled, dug under the fence, ran away at every opportunity, and would not let us touch her to administer flea and tick chemical , or simply petting. Nearly immediately, I knew I needed help and fast! I called a few places: Petco and the like had seemingly nothing to help my situation. Then I called Dan the Dog Boss! Whom I found on-line. He carefully listened to me describing my situation, developed a plan to get Daisy and us on track. Shortly we began a well-designed and professionally delivered program that yields new results during every lesson. In about 5 months, Dan has helped us solve all the problems previously mentioned by training us to do the things necessary, in a tender loving and safe manner, to get Daisy to do the things we want her to do. Our experience with Dan the Dog Boss has been a win-win situation for us all. He provides personal service at your home. When he sees the problem he’ll immediately help fix it!
Posted By: Charles Manahan
Dog's Name: Daisy

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